Top 5 Favorite Chinese Dishes in the UK

As the U.K. is filled with a variety of nationalities, China is among the most popular among them. With countless Chinese restaurants available, it’s no wonder why Britain orders Chinese takeout more than anything else.

Check out these top 5 favorite Chinese dishes in the UK.

Chow Mein

Did you know that according to legend, Chow Mein was made from a load of leftover ingredients? While nobody knows its true origin, it has become one of the most mouthwatering dishes in Chinese takeout. The stir fry mixed fresh spring onions, soy, and meat is an ideal side dish to share or even as a main course.

Sweet and Sour

Whether you enjoy it with chicken, prawns, shrimp, or pork, the sweet and sour concoction is a favorite takeaway option that is fresh, tangy and ultimately satisfying. This dish is best served with fried rice and a generous amount of soy sauce.

Peking Duck

Known as the crispy aromatic duck, Britain enjoys the fusion of the Chinese cuisine. Its deep-fried duck with the perfect spicy marinade makes it the most delicious option to serve with soft pancakes and smoky hoisin.

Fried Rice

The heart egg fried rice makes the perfect side dish to accompany many of the main courses. From sweet and sour chicken to sautéed shrimp, fried rice is cooked to perfection with Chinese soy and spices. What makes this rice so irresistible is the scrambled egg texture.

Fried Spring Rolls

Known for its crispy outside with a flavorful middle, the popular spring rolls are a top favorite among many. Let’s face it – the greasier, the better! Chinese spring rolls are originally filled with cabbage, ground meat, and other vegetables all wrapped up in rice paper to dip in soy sauce. Not only does it make the great appetizer, it can also be eaten for dessert too. Other cuisines have infused spring rolls with fruit like strawberries or bananas to make a great ending to a delicious meal.

What is your favorite Chinese dish? Comment below and let us know!

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