Three Things to Avoid On Your China Escapade

China is a great place. It’s a country filled with fun, culture, and among other things. However, there are things that you should probably skip while you’re traveling on China. Some people may find these attractions “fun”, but it’s time to hear the other side of the story. Let’s take a look at them below.

  • Cheap Chinese Circus

  • There’s a small town called Songyuan in China where this circus is held. But don’t get your hopes up for now. It’s not actually a “grand” circus like we see on other countries. But instead, it’s a cheap circus that’s performed on a makeshift circus tent. And the worst part of this is that their circus animals were treated with little to no care. Tigers are filled with scars, bears are pulled on stage by a ring that’s attached to their nose, and the leopards were seemingly sedated poked by children. Not just that, monkeys were tied on a leash and looked terrified when approached. It’s like a mini animal abuse show instead of a circus so that’s why you should really skip this one.
  • Guasha Massage

  • There are a lot of reflexology parlors that is scattered around China. You should definitely try them to give yourself that much needed relaxation time, except for one thing. There’s a traditional Chinese practice that’s called “guasha” which means “scrape away fever”. It sounds interesting, until you try it out for yourself. The whole process begins with a back massage which is okay. Until the masseuse grabs a tool that resembled like a tongue scraper and begin to rub it up and down on your back. They said this technique is said to promote blood flow and allow crystalline acid in your muscles to break down to release fatigue and any kinds of other illness. But instead, it’ll make your skin reddish and swollen just like you’re beaten up or something. You should probably avoid this one and get a proper relaxation massage instead of paying for this torture treatment.
  • Unknown Meat

  • China is known for their exotic cuisine, and you should definitely not miss them during your China escapade. Although all of them tastes good, there’s one thing that you should probably avoid eating. Some Chinese folks include unknown meat into their ingredients that you don’t even know. So before trying out their exotic foods, always ask the chef unless you feel that ignorance is bliss. You don’t want to end up vomiting when you get back to your hotel right?