Ten Essential Tips to Guide You How to Bargain in China

One thing to keep in mind when you’re traveling around the world is to avoid any tourist traps. If you don’t know where to find the local shops around your location, then you’re going to have a hard time finding the best deals.

In China, products come in surprisingly cheap compared to other countries. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop finding the lowest price as possible. Listed below are ten tips to help you find the best bargain deals in China.

  1. Don’t Deal with the First Price

  • Some shopkeepers will expect you to buy their item the moment they till you the first price. But the thing is this first price we’re talking about is going to be relatively high. Keep in mind that pricing will also depend on their perception of you. The wealthier and foreign you look, the higher their prices will be.
  1. Compare Before You Buy

  • Don’t just quickly bargain without looking at the product first. There are lots of shops in China to look around and it’s a wise choice to compare each item thoroughly and see which one is best for you. Some stores may be selling the same product with other stores but the quality of the product is vastly different based on their supplier.
  1. Don’t Show Too Much Emotion

  • The moment you see a product and get pretty excited about it, store owners will likely increase the price of that product alone because of the expression you just conveyed. Showing emotion will make it harder for you to negotiate prices since they already know that you want the product badly.
  1. Point Out Any Flaws on The Product

  • It’s better to examine every product before you buy to avoid getting scammed or something. Be nitpicky as you can! Point out any frayed edges, stains, imperfections, cracks, or anything that you find imperfect about a particular product. There’s nothing wrong with buying a product that has any flaws in it. But store owners will more likely to lower the price if you point out any flaws of their products.
  1. Say if it’s Too Expensive

  • Whatever price the seller will bargain with you, always say “tai gui le” which means “too expensive”. Act like you really can’t afford the product because of the price they offered. Some of them will say that it’s not but if you insist of saying that it’s too expensive, they’ll eventually cut down the price later on.
  1. Act Like Walking Away

  • If saying it’s too expensive doesn’t work, act like walking away. When this happens, the store owner will likely chase you and offer the price you want or the best deal he/she can give to you. Only do this if the price of that item you want is really expensive. Otherwise, they’ll just let you walk away and there’s no turning back if that happens.


  1. No Turning Back

  • Once you leave that particular store and find the best bargain somewhere else, there’s no turning back. If you realized that other stores are more expensive than the first one you just visited, don’t ever think of going back to that store again. Going back means you don’t have any power left, and you have to accept and buy their product at the price you just negotiated earlier or just go away.
  1. Have Smaller Bills with You

  • Having smaller bills helps you to prevent any scams when you buy an item. There are some situations where you give store owners a 100 yuan bill and they’ll likely say that “no, you only gave me 50 yuan” later on. This is why carrying smaller bills is important when shopping in China.
  1. Reach the Top Floor

  • When you shop around malls in China, the best discounts are usually found at the top floor. The first few floors are getting much more action while the higher floors are having a hard time to get customers to notice their shops. To help you with that, look at the shops at the first few floors first and compared them with the products that can be found on the higher floors thereafter.
  1. Be Confident

Lastly, the key of getting the best bargain possible is have confidence to yourself. These shop owners are smarter than you and they’ll more likely trick you if you’re uncertain of what you’re doing. Show them who’s boss and get the best bargain as you can