Seven Social Norms Americans May Find Strange in China

China is a country which possesses different social norms and practices that you might find weird or something different in their own way. Chinese people thought differently, acted differently, and interacted differently that one may thought that is there something wrong with them?

It isn’t a bad thing though. It may look strange to you but what they do is normal for them. So if you’re planning to visit China one day, here are a few social norms that you may find strange. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Pushing to Get Inside the Bus

  • Waiting for a bus in China is like a racing game where you have to race against other people who can get inside the bus first. Everything looks calm and relaxed at first, but once the bus will arrive, this is where the challenge begins. The bus station will quickly turn into an absolute mob scene of people pushing one into another just to get on into the bus. But despite of that, there’s no conflict after all, and you’ll still see them with a smile on their faces.
  • Skipping Lines

  • Don’t be surprised that there are some people in China that will skip ahead of you when falling in line. This kind of practice is not normal for us but are completely fine for them. What’s even surprising is that establishments will do nothing for people who tend to skip ahead of you in line. For example, you’re on a grocery store and the person behind you will skip ahead of you, the cashier will entertain them with no problem at all.
  • Not Falling in Line

  • Speaking of lines, Chinese people tend not to fall in line in establishments. This is completely normal for them and you would be surprised if someone just blatantly stand in front of you without your permission.
  • Dressing Rooms

  • Chinese people can be a little impatient at times especially in dressing rooms. So if you’re planning to spend a lot of time to try out clothes, make sure to do it quick or else you’ll be greeted with an angry Chinese person at the other side of the door.
  • Public Bathrooms

  • Squat toilets are a thing in China. What’s even surprising is that some buildings had these squat toilets without a separating wall between them so you’ll be seeing other woman peeing on your side too. You may find it weird but this is completely fine with them.
  • Restaurants

  • When we talk about restaurants, we think about peace, formality, and fine dining. Well in China, everything is different. You’ll be greeted with loud talking, shots of beer, and food strewn everywhere. People will yell at the server when it’s time to pay for the check, everyone shares massive plates of food on a rotating table and more.
  • Being Blunt

  • Chinese people tend to be quite blunt. It isn’t a bad thing at least they’re telling honest things about you. But sometimes, this kind of honesty can go a bit over the top and can be hurtful sometimes.