Most Popular Glass Walkways and Bridges in China You Should Definitely Visit

As years goes by, China has been building lots and lots of glass walkways and bridges as tourist attractions. You can usually find myriad of pictures on the internet of these glass structures where people are being dragged or get scared while walking on them. Here are four of them that you don’t want to miss during your China escapade.

  1. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

  • Zhangjiajie is probably the best place in China for those people who are seeking for adventure. It’s the place where most dangerous and adrenaline-driven activities were located. One of the highlight of this place is the glass bridge that stretches 430 meters across two steep cliffs which has a drop of over 300 meters. This may doesn’t sound high as you think. But when we compared it to the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the US, the one in Chine is the real deal.
  • You can also bungee jump on the bridge. What’s best is that it’s more higher than the one in the Macau Tower which is only 233 meters. If you’re looking for more adventure in this area, you can ride the 1070-feet long glass elevator that’s built into the side of the cliff. This elevator is declared as the world’s tallest deck sightseeing elevator, the world’s tallest exposed elevator, and the world’s fastest passenger elevator that can carry a large amount of people.
  1. Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk

  • This glass skywalk is also located in Zhangjiajie. If we’re talking about beautiful mountains, then say no more none other than the Tianmen mountains. To reach the glass skywalk, you have to ride a cable car that will take approximately 30 minutes long and over 7 kilometers before you arrive to the top. Once there, you can find the breathtaking glass skywalk that hangs over 4600 feet high at the side of the cliff. The skywalk is definitely a no go for those who had a weak heart. Walking on it during a clear day will show the view of a thousands of feet below that can really make you hold your breath. But since this is located on top of a mountain, you’ll likely experience foggy seasons that can block the view down below.
  • So before taking the high road up above, make sure to check for any weather updates to get the best experience as possible. There are also a lot of other attractions that can be found in these mountains such as the heaven’s door, the 99 bends road, stairway to heaven, and the cliff-hanging walkway.
  1. Shiniuzhai Geopark Glass Bridge

  • If you take a visit to the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, don’t forget to walk on the Shiniuzhai glass bridge. This glass bridge is one of the main reasons why you’re there at the first place. The bridge is called the “Brave Men’s Bridge” in English and has a 300-meter distance and its height is about 180 meters above the ground. Back then, the bridge is originally made out of wood but was replaced with glass in 2014. It was supposed to be the longest bridge in the world until the Zhangjiajie glass bridge took its crown. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can take a walk at the ten-mile manmade cliff and ride all the way down into Asia’s longest zip line.
  1. Yuntai Mountain Glass Walkway

  • The Yunai Mountain is considered as a part of the UNESCO world heritage sites because of its scenic area. Above the mountain, you can find the 3540-foot high glass walkway for you to walk on. However, one of the glass panels cracked as visitors took a walk into the walkway. No one was harmed during the incident, but the walkway has been closed for repairs for months. The incident created a buzz around the country and questions has been raised regarding the safety of tourists into these glass walkways that are built along the cliffs. But these people stopped at nothing.
  • During the grand opening of the Zhangjiajie glass bridge, the bridge makers put the bridge to the test by letting tourists smash sledgehammers into the glass to prove that the build quality of the bridge is stronger than the others. Some of them even dared to go further by driving a Volvo SUV with 11 passengers on it just to prove the bridge is strong enough to carry that much weight. However, the bridge slightly cracked at some point, but it still proved that the bridge can withstand a weight of a car since the bridge is made up with 3 layers of glass that’s about 0.6 inches thick.